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DIY Pallet Plaque

No-Sew Pillow Cover

Описание изображения
Описание изображения

This DIY pallet plaque cannot but attracts the attention of everyone, who sees it for the first time. It is stylish, cute and so elegant - just what you need to bring diversity into your home interior. The plaque looks a bit rustic, but it really stands out from the crowd due to its extraordinary and original design.

The pallet plaque allows for various interior decor solutions and combinations. You can attach a photo here or any other item you like, be it a picture, a drawing created by your kid or any other work of art. The plaque can be crafted in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and designs depending upon your needs, requirements and home decor preferences. Just hang it whenever you like and enjoy!


If you have got used to traditional pillow covers available out there, then you just cannot leave this one unnoticed. It is stylish, colorful, pleasant to touch and, what matters most, original and unique. This is a perfect addition to your bedroom, living room or even kids room. Such a pillow cover or even several of them can become a focal point of your interior, contributing to its design and glamour.

The no-sew pillow cover can be crafted with regard to your needs and taste preferences. Just choose a color palette, shape, size, material and pattern you need to get the pillow cover that will appeal to your family and friends!

DIY Rope Bowl

Aroma Herb Bombs

Описание изображения
Описание изображения

Your kitchen will get a brand new look with this handmade rope bowl! It looks so natural, eco-friendly and original that you just won’t resist the temptation to enjoy its look over and over again. Even though, a bowl is made of traditional materials, it looks quite expensive and stylish. Your guests will keep asking you to tell where you have found it - so unique and elegant it is!

You can decorate your kitchen with this accessory, having put apples, pears, peaches or any other fruit and vegetables into it. At the same time, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use this bowl in a living room, for example. It is a perfect addition to any decor that can give your dwelling the sense of individuality, comfort and style!  

Have you ever heard anything about bath bombs? Or, maybe, you have even tried making them on your own? Anyway, if you like the idea of such handmade things, then these aroma herb bombs will appeal to you as well! They are so cute, vibrant and stylish that it is impossible to take your eyes off them! At the same time, they are not that large, so, if you wish to keep them unnoticed, you can do that without any effort at all!

Irrespective of their small size, these bombs are filled with aromatic herbs of your choice.  By the way, there is also another interesting idea you can make use of! Why don’t you replace the herbs with the seeds? This is how you can grow any vegetation you wish without having to use the land at all! Isn’t that a nice idea?


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