Overview of the digital caliper

Electronic calipers or Digital calipers are products used to measure the outside diameter, inner diameter, the depth of cylindrical, hollow, box-shaped details precisely without deviation. Currently, this device is widely used to help users work quickly and efficiently. To better understand the characteristics, applications, and how to preserve digital calipers well, let’s find out in today’s article.

What is a digital caliper?

digital caliper

digital caliper

In recent years, electronic calipers have been widely used in power, mechanical, and manufacturing industries. It can measure length, width, depth, and diameter accurately.

Typically, the most popular digital calipers are still 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, larger sizes have more stringent criteria. Most electronic calipers are ruggedly designed and have an LCD that makes it easy to see and read the results.

Digital calipers include a lot of other types such as water-proof automatic clamps, vernier calipers, digital vernier calipers with many brands like Insize or Mitutoyo.

With the advanced technology of measurement for absolute accuracy without errors, this information is displayed on the scale of the electronic screen; you will not need to look closely and divide it anymore.

Characteristics of digital calipers

characteristics of digital calipers

characteristics of digital calipers

A digital caliper is a device with many functions (measuring external sizes, internal dimensions, measuring depth) wide measuring range, relatively high accuracy, easy to use, low price.  It is structured from internal, external, fixed, dynamic, stop ruler, and depth measurements.

When only measuring the accuracy of the ruler:

  • Digital calipers 1/10: measure the size to the nearest 0.1mm.
  • 1/20 calipers: measure dimensions up to 0.05mm.
  • Digital calipers 1/50: Ruler has absolute diagnostic 0.02mm when measuring size.

Currently, the caliper is quite diverse in which there are three main types, including clock clamps, mechanical calipers, and electronic calipers. Each type has its outstanding features to serve the job effectively.

  • Clock clamps: measurement results are displayed in numbers right on the clock dial.
  • Mechanical calipers: an automatic bar is where your measurement results will be displayed.
  • Electronic calipers or digital calipers: measurement results will be shown on the electric clock face.

How to use digital calipers

how to use digital calipers

how to use digital calipers

For accurate measurements, learn about the product and use the electronic calipers properly. Digital calipers are the best equipment when accurately measuring small objects. For digital manufacturing jobs (CNC machines, 3D printers, CNC routers, and laser cutters), they are essential to ensure that the size of your materials in the software is consistent with the actual size of the content.

Here are the steps to perform measurements with a digital caliper; you can refer to and perform:

  • Step 1: Dry and clean the measuring surface of the object that you will measure with a clean cloth
  • Step 2: Loosen the locking screws of the ruler
  • Step 3: Dry and clean the lower right and left clamping jaws of the ruler with a clean cloth
  • Step 4: Dry and clean the top left and right jaws of the ruler with a clean cloth
  • Step 5: Slide so that the ruler of the ruler is fully closed and then press the ON button. If the number is 0, then you can take the measurement. If the number on the dial is still not displayed as 0, then you need to clean the jaw until there is no dirt affecting the size.
  • Step 6: Move the slider to check if the LCD screen and all the ruler buttons work well.

Application of calipers in life

application of calipers in life

application of calipers in life

Digital caliper today is quite diverse, and it is essential for modern living, serving effectively at work.

Commonly, calipers are applied in many industries, such as manufacturing industry, mechanics, etc. The equipment is capable of measuring the size of manufactured mechanical parts, measuring inside and outside diameters of pipes steel, PVC …

Besides, the caliper is also capable of measuring the diameter and dimensions of construction steel, such as round steel and box steel.

The ruler also plays an integral part in researching, manufacturing, and inventing new tools and materials.

One of the other critical applications of glass clips is the ability to measure wood details in furniture, construction, wooden bridges.

With attractive features and easy to use, the LCD helps users to read results quickly and accurately.

How to preserve the digital calipers

how to preserve the digital calipers

how to preserve the digital calipers

  • Do not measure objects while in a rotating or moving state.
  • Do not measure some rough, dirty surfaces.
  • Do not force the two measuring pins forcefully on purpose.
  • Avoid taking the tape out of the way before you read the amount due, which will be inaccurate.
  • Rulers should be stored carefully in the box afterward, to avoid being exposed to other objects or rulers for different purposes, it may damage the ruler.
  • Every day of the work shift, clean the ruler with a clean cloth and grease.

In conclusion

Observably, digital caliper plays a vital role in everyday life in research. Therefore, a thorough understanding of the information about electronic calipers is essential if you want to equip yourself with the best digital caliper for your work. Hopefully, through this article, you have learned what it takes to use them.

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