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Welcome to Do Design DIY! This is my personal website devoted to crafting DIY items. This website is something more than just a resource focused on making do-it-yourself things. This is a place that abounds is creative ideas and offers plenty of unique pieces of art you won’t find anywhere else. Each item displayed here is made with love and passion in mind. 

 Creating DIY masterpieces is my lifetime occupation. The ideas of my works emerge out of a sudden in my head and I always try my best effort to bring them to life. Hopefully, you will find something to meet your needs and taste here! Have a good time!


Five Reasons to Buy DIY Things

1. Uniqueness

 One of the major benefits of DIY items is that they are unique. Whether you buy handmade toys, home decor accessories, works of art or any other things, you won’t find another thing similar to that you have ordered. These are really unique items that will bring you joy and satisfaction for years to come.

2. Quality 

Items that are created manually, are always characterized by better quality as compared to stock items. This is because they are generally crafted by a specialist, who bears personal responsibility for each thing he/she works on. This is a matter of dignity and reputation for the prevailing amount of masters.

3. Safety

When you order DIY items, you always have a chance to make sure about their safety. It is up to you to discuss all the nuances that matter for you with the person you will hire. This concerns everything - from the choice of hypoallergenic materials and up to the process of order completion. This issue is a priority to lots of customers.  

4. Diversity

DIY items come in a wide array of combinations, shapes, materials, colors etc. As mentioned above, they are unique and they always look superb. You won’t find such a diversity of things on sale nowadays. 

5. Personalization

Any DIY item can be personalized and it’s up to you to decide how exactly you want it to look like. This is not just a nice way to give your home a brand new look, but it’s also an awesome gift to someone you love! Such presents are usually crafted with love and, thus, they create special atmosphere of warmth and comfort in your home. Nothing can be compared to that!


My products

DIY Pallet Plaque
DIY Pallet Plaque
from $13
This photo phrame looks really elegant, unique and unusual. It can bring comfort and diversity to any interior. The only look at this photo frame is enough to understand how extraordinary it is! What really matters, it is handmade and this is what makes it exceptional! Such DIY thing just cannot be left unnoticed!
No-Sew Pillow Cover
No-Sew Pillow Cover
from $10
This cute no-sew pillow color will add diversity and uniqueness to your home interior decor. It attracts the attention by the combination of bright colors and funny patterns. Actually, you can choose any material, pattern and color palette for a no-sew pillow cover of your own!
DIY Rope Bowl
DIY Rope Bowl
from $15
If you are a fan of stylish home decor elements, then this DIY rope bowl will certainly appeal to you! It is elegant and so natural! The bowl can be used to keep vegetables, fruit, yarn, bread, napkins, sewing accessories, small home decor elements and other items of your choice.

Special offer: 50% off!


Why choose my works?

Are you a fan of extraordinary and unusual home decor items? Do you like everything that looks untraditional? Do you enjoy diversity in everything that surrounds you? If you have answered all these questions positively, then you should definitely order exclusive DIY items from me!

They do not only look stunning and original, but they are one-of-a-kind! They will feel your home with that special sense of comfort, style and coziness each house should have. I’ll eagerly help you make your dreams come true!

A couple of words about this site: It was 10 years ago when I have launched my website. Till now I didn't change it and it became to look unmodern. My friends advised me Wix, but I refused as it was too overfunctioned due to my issue. After searching the web I've found one of the best wix alternatives and - voila - meet my redesigned and absolutely responsive website! Cheers!



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